WOC 2008 Hong Kong
APAO-AAO 2009 Bali
APAO-AAO 2010 Beijing
AVPRS 2011 Hyderabad
APAO-SOE 2012 Busan
ISO-HK 2012
APAO-AIOS 2013 Hyderabad
香江智匯 - 香港與內地關係的反思 - 傲慢興偏見論壇
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The 6th Annual Congress of the Asia-Pacific Vitreo-retain Society (AVPRS 2011 Hyderabad)
1No. of delegates attended602
2No. of package sponsors6
3No. of exhibiting companies35
4No. of invited speakers93
5No. of scientific sessions17
6No. of Free Paper Presentation3
7No. of Poster Presentation179
8No. of Video Presentation17

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